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Shanti Progress is a non-profit society created to promote alternative and environmentally safe technologies, and the practice of natural farming. Working across rural India since 1996, the society aims to slow and reverse destructive development trends in India and around the planet. One of our main assets is superior economic efficiency.

The social and agricultural systems we propose gain more from the land and the individual then modern scientific and free-market systems, while refusing to pollute the earth or harm life or degrade humans. We believe the era of massive industrialization and escalating production is ending, and now we either make a full recognition of the worth of life, or only more genocide will recur. We believe our programs offer a solution to hunger, urban ghettos, and despair.Sound bold? In these rushed days it would seem so, but it is only basic common sense.

"I am convinced that the societies that master the new sciences of complexity and can convert that knowledge into new products and forms of social organization will become the cultural, economic, and military superpowers of the next century." -Heinz Pagels

Many "new" ideas are coming out of the business and economic "think tanks" about the overlooked fact that people are themselves worth something, and that investment in them and organization of them is good and should be done much better. That is what Shanti Progress exists for. Every person on this planet has vast potential for something. With the great knowledge and technology to communicate that humans have gained, the time is now to take up this challenge. If thought is allowed even the slightest room to operate in an organization that only tries to maximize the potential and advantages of its human capital, the human capital will create rewards no machine or computer ever can. Healthy societies, communities, families, and minds can not be compared to any bottom line.

What is the cost of war, poverty, and competition over every widely available thing? How about a field and clean streams, people living and building in a peaceful and natural way. What about hope for children and their minds; raised in a culture based on mutual respect and collective self-respect, instead of money. Ingrained perspective on time, the earth, and life, instead of lonely existences of fruitless servitude and unnatural parasitism.

"For a' that, and a' that, It's comin' yet, for a' that! That man and man the world o'er Shall be brothers for a' that" -Robert Burns

Quite fanciful except for the forces of new and developed technologies, as well as impending environmental death, which fan our flames.