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Please assist the society with a debate that has paralyzed our efforts to promote natural crafts and return the benefits of their sale to the producers.

Too often objects bought in "Rich" lands fetch prices five to fifty times what the person who made it received. In an attempt to cut out the middleman and deliver these profits where they belong, we sought to have an Internet based "Store" where members could sell their goods at "World Class" prices and thus give incentive to natural product producers and our cause.

Yet to execute this plan required capitulation to both the credit mechanisms of financial institutions and the airborne package delivery industry. When the time came, these factors split the board and membership, some saying these negative and polluting factors occur anyway, and getting good pay into the hands of the artisans for natural products is worth it. Others felt we have nothing but our principals left, and that we must find a way to succeed and inspire natural manufacture without international money or jet fueled delivery. This is the group that did not want a web site because all the electronica we see is built on "blood, pollution, and violence" Yet they agreed to this because as an end it is sufficiently useful and at this stage in the pyramid of industry, not so polluting. Not so sending natural crafts by plastic cardboard tape in a dirty noisy jet, or using interest hoarding multi-national financial groups to transfer our payments.... a strong argument that keeps the group split on this issue.

Please e-mail us with any constructive thoughts you may have.

Stand Firm.