SPShanti Progress




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The society is chartered to:

Promote Renewable and non-polluting Energy technologies such as Photovoltaics, Hydrogen fuel cells, Solar ovens, Low-Energy refrigeration, passive cooling/heating, Nanosystems, and requisite education.

Promote awareness of all sustainable development alternatives and to make available through education, no-interest loans, and local manufacture training.

Promote Natural Farming (Fukuoka, The One Straw Revolution, Rodale/Other India Press) and sustainable organic agriculture through education and work with active farmers, communities, or displaced persons re-establishing a secure "home".

Provide local language access to global information systems with all requisite education for those interested with proximity to our operations.

Promote basic health care through education, water purification, and the spread of uninterrupted rural refrigeration to the end of greater decentralization of vaccine, snake anti-venom, and other pharmaceutical storage.

Promote donations of time from those with interest and skills, and money by philanthropists, by inviting them to our places of work to understand its success, importance, and needs.

Join with other groups to achieve the society's goals. This is what we are and what we exist to do, but no list can share the potential of these millions of souls in tiny villages and even in the slums. There is never a loss of wonder in seeing a neighborhood or distant village that picks up the habit of solar ovens. With a few dollars invested to teach them how to make ovens of cardboard and tin foil, seeing them purifying water or making more food because no fuel had to be bought is beautiful.

All the hopes for the future lie with the success of groups like ours, maximizing the people and making a space for other life to live. Our membership is growing, and in the years to come natural farming will prove itself to ever more people as it has proved already in every climate of the earth. No oil eating machines rolling the earth, just local food hand harvested and locally consumed, with only extreme overproduction traded away.